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Bargain Hunter has been a very effective source of advertising and offering the community coupons for our Dairy Queen.

We see many coupons coming in from Bargain Hunter month after month! Have a great day!

Julie Kook

Dairy Queen, Owner/Operator



I would like to inform you that we have had several referrals from our ad in the Bargain Hunter. I was a bit leery at first about placing an advertisement in what I thought was a coupon book, but you proved me wrong! We have been running the ad for about 3 months and rentals are really starting to pick up. I didn’t realize how many people actually pick up the Bargain Hunter, especially travelers. Even though we are only advertising in the Racine area, I have been receiving calls from Milwaukee, Kenosha & Northern Illinois due to people traveling and picking up the paper.

I have recently begun picking up the Bargain Hunter more often myself just to see what else is out there that I don’t know about myself!

Thanks a million!

Jennefer Hickman
Community Manager
Lincoln School Historic Apartments


Dear Jeff,
We placed our ad in the Oct.& Nov. Bargain Hunter issues for snowplow driver and general labor to shovel walks. The response from the ad was great. The employees we hired are knowledgable and dependable. Pass the word on!! "the Bargain Hunter is the place to be!"

Advance Landscape Lawn & Snow, Inc.
Nov 27th 2006


Just wanted to tell that I think the Bargain Hunter is a real value.  I have tried many different newspapers and your paper provides the highest "bang for the buck" just wanted to say thanks.
Sturtevant Auto Salvage

Dear Jeff

I kept forgetting to write his note to you, so I decided to drop everything and do it right now. Your ads have done better for us than any other printed medium we have tried including the outrageously expensive one from the daily paper whose name I shouldn't say. I wish I could say that you doubled our business, but you didn't so I can't, but I will say I see several of your ads come through every month. So keep up the good work and get our name out there. Thank You.


Goold Automotive



Dear Jeff,

Just wanted to say Thank You for the GREAT RESULTS we receive from the Bargain Hunter. Since we started advertising early last year in the Bargain Hunter we now receive 75% of our customers from your great paper. Love the job you do along with the GREAT AFFORDABLE PRICES you provide. Thanks again and keep up the great service you provide.

Adam Wilson

Family Tree Service


Dear Jeff Scott,
I personal want to thank you and the Bargain Hunter for the wonderful work you have done for me over the last couple years. You make advertising easy and affordable. I never fail to get excellent results out of the ads that I run with you. It has considerably increased my customer base and given me enough leads to keep busy even during the off season

KSG Home Improvement, LLC.
Dec 8th 2006


Just a short note to let you know how pleased I was with the responce to my advertisement in the Bargin Hunter.  We always ask our customers were they heard about us and to my suprise, quite a few of them have indicated that they saw my ad in your paper.  Keep up the good work..............
Paul Curtin
The Flooring Supercenter





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